Our Endowment Goal: $125,000 by 2020, our 100th Anniversary

2018tileaWhat better way to celebrate our centennial in 2020 than with a legacy to benefit future What better way to celebrate our centennial in 2020 than with a legacy to benefit future Foothillers?

In 2012, the Foundation set a goal to create a permanent Endowment Fund of $100,000.  As a result of last year’s successful campaign, we now have $100,000 invested with the San Diego Foundation. Please help us reach our new goal of $125,000 by the Fall of 2020.

Foothiller Friends ($250 donation) receive a 4x8” gray tile on the Humanities Building;

Foothiller Founders ($1,000) receive an 8x8” gray tile on the 1937 Old Gym.

To place an order, mail a check GHS Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 1043 La Mesa, CA 91944
or online

The Foundation also welcomes donations of any amount for a program of your choice. Once we receive your donation, we will mail or email you a tile order form.


logoIn honor of our renovations and new academic quad, we are offering an opportunity to by Donor Gift Tiles to be used as part of our building walls.

Your name, the name of your family, student, or business will be beautifully etched in tile to create a lasting memory while supporting Grossmont High.

New tile orders submitted will be installed at Grossmont during the Summer on the new Humanities Building wall or the Old Gym, depending upon the level of donation. Dedication of these tiles will be on Homecoming the following year.

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Money raised through your purchase will directly benefit students by going to the Grossmont High School Educational Foundation whose mission is to enhance the overall educational experience of students by raising, managing, and disbursing funds to support the academic, artistic, athletic, and facility needs of the school.


Foothiller Founders

Donations of $1000 or more

Be one of 100 Foothiller Founders and leave a lasting footprint at Grossmont High School with a one-time $1000 contribution to our new Legacy Fund.

The gifts of Foothiller Founders will be recognized with a beautiful 8" X 8" natural tile inscribed with their name, placed at the entrance to the Old Gym.

Designed to provide GHS with a regular source of income from permanent investment, as well as provide the flexibility to make larger grants for badly needed large projects, such as updating and maintenance of the Old Gym, stadium bleacher improvements, track renovation, theater and music projects and more.


  • Jerry Botts
  • David Gillespie
  • Paul Hedberg
  • Connie McMahon
  • Thomas Pollock
  • Trustees of the Gerald Fackler Trust


  • Jeffrey & Theresa Kemper
  • Tom Bloomer
  • Lyle Wright

Foothiller Friends


Donations of $250 - $999

The gifts of Foothiller Friends will be recognized with a beautiful 4" X 8" natural tile inscribed with your name, installed on the new Humanities building.

  • William Black
  • Thomas Bloomer
  • Deborah Burger
  • Bob Copeland
  • Steve and Eva Danto
  • Robert Darling
  • Barry Dingle
  • Joseph Famme
  • Del Lisk
  • Krista Mussey
  • Dan Schicker
  • Julia Stewart
  • Emily Temple
  • Martin Urueta

Foothiller Fanatics


Donations of $100 - $249

  • Lorine Amado
  • Constance Baer
  • Mike and Darcy Barnhill
  • Tom Bonnet
  • Cindy Chance
  • Tim and Kira Cooper
  • Bob Cox
  • Odette Crandall
  • Nicole Crews
  • Rob and Laura Dishong
  • John Flaherty
  • James Hatcher
  • Mark Hedderson
  • David Leisure
  • Phil and Jane Linquist
  • Kandace McCrae
  • Jerry and Rene McKee
  • Stephanie Navrides
  • Solomon Tadesse
  • Scott and Amy Thomason
  • Thomas West
  • Nick and Shirley Zawadzki

Foothiller Fans


Donations of $25 -$99

  • Melisa Baird
  • Dan and Valerie Barnes
  • Mandy Bond
  • Michelle Braun
  • Michele Briggs
  • Ben Burruss
  • Ruben A. Castillo
  • Joanne Cohen
  • Dennis and Sally Conklin
  • Benjamin Contreras
  • Nikki Crews
  • Darren Crouse
  • Diane Davies
  • Kathryn Dreyer
  • JaNae Duffett
  • Katrin Endres
  • Dennis and Delyse Espineli
  • Celia Estrada
  • Everarlo Flors
  • Dr. Tim Glover
  • Eileen Grasing
  • Lisa Gutierrez
  • Brandy Holland-Barlow
  • Lisa Lareau
  • Jeanette Liljestrom
  • Metztli Lopez Torres
  • Caterina Maganuco
  • Frank and Barbie Mearns
  • Gabriela Morales
  • Mary Lou Munguia
  • Annette Nenn
  • Annie O'Laughlin
  • Jessica Oliver
  • Gary Payne
  • Juri Peterson
  • Martha Peterson
  • Martha Richardson
  • Sheereen Ricketts
  • Elizabeth Rufener
  • Steven and Stacey Schell
  • Arash Shirvanian
  • Mike and Cristin Simpson
  • Tracy Smith
  • Barbara Staufenbeil
  • Jay Steiger
  • Roderick Taylor
  • Jennifer Troyan
  • Ken Wilson
  • Kelli Yale
  • Adriane Zamora