AP TestingA commitment to educational excellence has always been a part of the culture of Grossmont High School. In the 1980’s, Grossmont began offering a new curriculum, Advanced Placement, courses which challenge the high school student to master a rigorous college level curriculum. Each May, the students may take the test; passing the exam with a score of 3, 4, or 5 will in most cases translate to the student receiving college credit or course exemption.

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AP CoursesIt’s hard to believe, but the 2014-2015 school year is two-thirds of the way through the first semester, and the Thanksgiving break is just around the corner. However, with construction underway on the final phase of improvements to the GHS campus, a successful Homecoming celebration completed, a new and improved system for communicating with parents called Infinite Campus, and more students than ever attempting the honors, career technical education, and AP courses that lead to college and career success ... the sky is the limit at GHS!

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Learn About the Tile Project

Leave your footprint at Grossmont! What better way to commemorate your Foothiller than a tile mounted on the wall of the school! They truly last forever! A timeless memory, literally set in stone, and a donation to the foundation! You can view the tiles on the new humanities building or by the old gym.

Your name, the name of your family, student or business will be beautifully etched in tile to create a lasting memory while supporting Grossmont High.  


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