2021 Grad Porch Auction

Getting seats at graduations doesn't have to be a hassle! No more getting there 3 hours early to get good seats! No more sweating in the sun or having your view obstructed by balloons or signs. No more searching for your graduate or family members - your answer is right here! 

The GHS Grad Porch accommodates 6 people - comfortable seating on a balcony overlooking the football field. Shady, leisure, no obstructed view - PLUS snacks, waters and Starbucks coffee - AND two reserved parking passes for each level! Plus each porch gets a 100th graduating class celebration commemorative tile and 100th year ornament!

Both the UPPER level and LOWER level Porch are located on the Science building overlooking the football field.

Choose Comfort and Convenience to remember this memorable event in your Foothiller's life!

To make your bid for a grad porch, visit: www.32auctions.com/ghsgradporch2021

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